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Which Game of Thrones Recruitment House Do You Belong To?

With season seven of the incredible Game of Thrones series set to air this weekend, we take a look at which House your Recruitment style would place you in.

Do you have nerves of ice and a heart of fire? Let us know which House you belong to.

Don't worry - this is a spoiler free post!

Stark Recruiters

Armed with a strong regional accent and the common touch, you are a dying breed who will have seen many winters in recruitment.

Your clients love you for your common touch and devotion to the cause. You’re a practical thinker and experienced enough to examine every eventuality before you act. You shudder at the thought of sending out a speculative CV.

No deals on the board with just a few days of the month to go? You’re still calm, collected and rarely lose your head. You know that the pipeline you have carefully built will come good.

Despite seeing many people come and go over the years, you have remained fiercely loyal and dedicated to your duties. Your watch never ends and you’re the last one left in the office at night so often that you have been given your own set of keys. For despite your admiring colleagues always trying to drag you to post-work drinks: Winter is coming, and the heating bill won’t pay itself.

Usually the last one standing on an office night out.

Lannister Recruiters

You’ll usually be the one heading back from the bar with a magnum of champagne – even if it’s just meant to be a swift drink after work.

Maintaining a high standard of work and appearance is incredibly important to you, and you’ll be regarded as one of the most professional consultants in the office (although behind closed doors you have a ruthless commitment to targets). On dress-down days you’ll still come in wearing your finest suit and waistcoat.

While some might see you as a bit extravagant, you’re incredibly determined to get the result you want and gifted with an incredible knack to talk any situation into your favour. You can charm any client into choosing you over a competitor.

Anyone challenging you for a PSL knows they’re fighting a losing battle as you fill every position a client entrusts you with. After all, Lannisters always pay their debts.

Targaryen Recruiters

The new kid on the block whose boldness and ability to deal with strong characters has won some big accounts and a lot of respect from management.

From a long bloodline of top-billers, everyone expects great things of you; some even fear the fire in your belly. You will have already have started to build an army of loyal Resourcers around you who will scour the depths of Westeros to find the candidates nobody else could.

You’re well-liked by everyone in the office but your naivety and lack of experience can sometimes land you in a sticky situation. You must listen to those with more experience to help you achieve what is rightfully yours: the top-biller’s throne.

You’ll be regarded as slightly too trusting (a candidate’s grandmother can’t die for the fourth time, can they?) but you will walk through fire to deliver for your clients and stop at nothing to succeed.

Wildling Recruiters

Your style may be a little unorthodox in the eyes of others - but they shouldn't underestimate your drive to succeed! 

You know that to earn the title of top-biller you'll need to make some sacrifices. Just how many times have you missed dinner with your partner to call that hard-to-reach candidate?

There are no fluffy sales techniques or small talk with you. You’re direct to the point with candidates and clients, and they respect you for your honesty. Will your brute tactics pay off and land that blue chip? Only time will tell.