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Why Specialist Agencies Add Value to Your In-House Recruitment Team

Written by Kevin Holt
Associate Director
Agencies support, not replace in-house teams

“Sorry, we don’t need your services. We have an in-house recruitment team.”

If you have been working in recruitment for more than five minutes it’s inevitable that you will have heard this line.

There is a common belief that in-house recruitment teams and external agencies like ourselves work against each other. There are also in-house recruiters who may feel threatened by the thought of their employer using an external agency – “if they’re outsourcing some of the recruitment, am I going to be out of a job soon?”

In the IT & Technology sector especially, there is a significant skills gap of too many open vacancies and too few candidates to fill them. Recruitment agencies and in-house recruiters are both fighting tooth and nail to find the best candidates for each role.

The truth of the matter is that recruitment agencies are here to support, not replace in-house teams – especially when hiring for highly technical roles which require a lot of time and effort to find suitable candidates.

During my time in recruitment I have worked as a partner to many in-house teams, helping them to fill hundreds of roles within their Tech departments quickly and efficiently. Many of them were sceptical at first about bring in outside help but soon saw the benefits of partnering up.

Expert Market Knowledge

If you’re recruiting for every role within an organisation – from CIO to Tea Lady, it can be difficult to have an in-depth knowledge of the skills, qualifications, experience, salary expectations and personality the ideal candidate must possess for each position.

This is never truer than with technology roles where there is such a huge range of industry tools, coding languages etc.

Recruiters operating in vertical markets are experts in their field – they spend all day, every day hiring for roles within a very specific discipline.

They know exactly which languages and skills a Full Stack Developer must have to perform in your role, or how much a BI Analyst based in Central London should expect to be paid; delivering consultative support to help you find the perfect candidate for the right salary.

Zero Risk

Using a reputable recruitment agency is a risk-free strategy. There is no cost up front, meaning that if they fail to find you a candidate then you will not be left out of pocket.

If a candidate sourced by recruitment agency is hired but things are not working out, most agencies have rebate procedures in place to provide a level of refund against costs incurred.

All the risk is on the agency to find you a high calibre, long term employee.

We Reach the Unreachable!

Quite often the best candidate for your company is actually content in their current role and not looking for their next move.

A huge focus for Specialist Recruiters is penetrating passive marketplaces to find the candidate who fits the bill and identify what they would move for. This could involve in-depth skill searching on platforms such as LinkedIn or other job boards, getting recommendations off our existing candidates and placements, or even directly approaching your competitors’ teams.

A recruiter worth their salt will also have an extensive database of active and passive candidates within their vertical to call on in order to identify potential candidates for your role based on skills, location, what roles would interest them and other criteria.

A Huge Job Board Reach

Job boards aren’t cheap.

In order for an in-house team to gain the same advertising reach of a recruitment agency they would need to pay out thousands of pounds each month for the top specialist and generalist job boards.

Agencies advertise hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs each day and invest heavily on their job board exposure, performance strategy and applicant processing systems in order to add potential candidates to their other candidate sources.

Let’s Work Together!

If you’re an internal recruiter hiring for a hard to fill IT position, we’re here to help you.

For help and advice, speak to our specialist consultant in your location and technology discipline today by calling 0161 828 8140 or contact us online.

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