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David, Group IT Manager

“Over the past couple of years, Oscar has been a key partner in helping my company to source and appoint a number of new IT staff in order to support both the expansion of our branch network and the increased adoption of technology within the business.

Oscar has proven that they are able to provide staff at a variety of levels - from Senior Technical Support Team Leaders, to experienced IT Trainers, to Help Desk Technicians”

  -  David, Group IT Manager

Consultant: Matthew Southworth


David is an experienced IT Manager and a long-term VIP with his employers. He manages a team of 14 staff through two direct reports.

Our initial contact with David was established in 2013, when he was leading a much smaller team of less than five staff.

David responded to Oscar’s marketing information and requested our services to support his recruitment of two IT Support professionals. Oscar delivered a recruitment plan and promptly filled both positions.

The Challenge

In 2014, David’s team were “ramping up” in regards their IT staffing as new business acquisitions and development of Greenfield sites meant more IT professionals were quickly required to support this growth.

Rather than liaising with a number of recruitment agencies, David sought to find an exclusive supplier who could fulfill all of their staffing requirements.

What We Did

As part of this organised recruitment plan, an external Managing Consultant teamed up with David and managed a tender process to nominate an “exclusive” IT staffing supplier.

Oscar was in competition with a number of agencies – known to both David and the other third party – for this sole supplier arrangement. This being the case, it was essential that Oscar was able to effectively communicate important messages that resonated with David and his employer, the Managing Consultant, and the business expansion plans.

Oscar tendered for exclusive business that included:
  • Understanding and naming the job roles we could / would support
  • Mapping out our services and explaining “why choose Oscar”
  • Presenting a selection of fee structures
  • Outlining extra services
  • Evidencing previous success stories
Over the course of this process, we remained available to David and his support partners to answer any outstanding questions. We were also able to work with David to consult on his impending recruitment and advise on solutions to any potential recruitment problems.

The Results

David and partner were delighted with Oscar’s presentation and tender, and nominated us as their exclusive recruitment partner of choice. Since then, Oscar has been able to respond to all recruitment challenges from David’s organisation and the end result has been that he has hired seven more IT professionals using our services.

During the most recent audit check, June 2015, all new staff members are on board and performing well.