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Easter Egg Hunt: 5 of the Greatest from Across the Web

Mention Easter Eggs to most Tech experts and they’re likely to get excited – but not about the thought of stuffing their face with chocolate!

Easter Eggs are the name given to secret functions or hidden content which can be found on websites, video games and more by doing an action such as typing in a code word or pressing a button on your keyboard.

Here are some of our favourite Easter Eggs from across the web. If we’ve missed any good ones out, please let us know!

1. The Facebook Globe

A subtle one to start off with, but Facebook's notifications globe actually changes depending on where you are in the world.

Here's how it appears in Europe:

... and here's the US version:

Ps. If you haven't tried changing your language settings to "Pirate" on Facebook yet, you're in for a treat.

2. Google Search Page

Google's search page has plenty of hidden gems - especially for lovers of vintage video games.

Try typing "do a barrel roll" for some Lylat Wars action (ah, memories), search "Atari Breakout" and head to images to play a game of "Super Breakout", or type "Zerg Rush" to fight off a bunch of evil Google "Os".

Other cool features can be found by typing "askew" or "Festivus" (see Seinfeld for details).

3. Google Maps Pacman

This feature has been removed, but we had to give it a mention! By choosing the Pacman icon in any Google Map, you could chomp your way around the neighborhood whilst being chased by those pesky ghosts.

Also, lest we forget searching for directions from The Shire to Mordor.

4. Google Chrome Offline

Stuck in a crushing whirlwind of boredom when your WiFi drops? We've all been there, but did you know that Google Chrome's "No Connection" screen is actually a game?

Simply press the space bar to get started:

5. Black Acre Brewing

We've definitely saved the best until last!

If you're a Master of the Universe but not quite of drinking age, head to and click "I am under 21" to watch He-Man belt out a 4 Non Blondes classic.

Caution: Contains Skeletor

Have we missed any cracking Easter Eggs? Let us know at