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My First Month At Oscar: Gemma Burton

Name: Gemma Burton

Joined: October 2016

Role: Digital Marketing Assistant

Adapting to working life after university was always going to be a challenge, and one that I was very apprehensive of. Luckily for me, I got a job at Oscar, and I couldn’t be working with a more helpful, fun and uplifting group of people.

Having done a lot of social media marketing at University alongside my degree I was keen to pursue this as a career, and I immediately set out looking for an appropriate job.

I saw that a technology recruitment company called Oscar were advertising for a Digital Marketing Assistant, and as soon as I finished my first interview with them I knew I wanted to work there.

After being offered the job the nerves kicked in – not due to lack of belief in my skills, but I was nervous about fitting into the office environment, making friends at work and all of the other little details that make or break a job.

On my first day Chris, the Digital Marketing Manager introduced me to the office. I was immediately welcomed, and offered any help that I would need.

I was given a list of where everyone sat and everyone’s phone numbers should I need them, as well as various ‘cheat sheets’ and other documents to help me get used to being a Digital Marketer.

A lot of my job revolves around keeping social media and the website up to date and accurate which often requires the help of the Consultants. They are always so helpful and try their best to do what you ask of them, and in return you try hard to make their lives easier too.

Whenever I didn’t know what to do there was someone to step in and help me.

The Directors, Andy and Matt, were also incredibly helpful and approachable, and made me feel less nervous about asking them questions about the company. They’re not shut away in a separate office but instead they sit with the team so they’re always there for support.

They were patient and took the time to go through things with me which really helped a lot when I was left to my own devices for a day!

The office itself is a great atmosphere to work in. We’re not all stuck behind our desks, but instead it’s open, light and energetic. The people in the office are so encouraging of each other. When any of the Consultants place a candidate, the office applauds and congratulates them (with special rewards on Fridays!)

There are also loads of social events in the office, such as days out at the Races (which I was invited to before I even started work), Graduations for new Consultants, as well as surprises and treats being brought in by the directors.

Biscuits and doughnuts are regularly passed around, and with the office situated right in the middle of Manchester you can always pop out to the Christmas Markets for lunch!

If you’re nervous about leaving Uni and starting a career in Recruitment, look no further than a job with Oscar.

Their training is fantastic. The training room is always full with new and old Consultants alike always keen to learn more, and throughout my brief time I’ve seen new starters grow in confidence.

Their office is one of the friendliest and they help you to grow as an individual while still feeling part of a team. I have no regrets choosing to work at Oscar, and if I had to do it all again I would still pursue a career with them.