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Fraud Warning - Phishing Emails

In the past few weeks we have been contacted by a number of people across the world who have received emails purporting to be from Oscar.

These emails claim to be from "Oscar Energy Corporation PLC" and offer the recipient employment in the US, usually in engineering positions. Many of the recipients have been based in India and the Middle East.

The documents are easily identifiable by their stretched logos, spelling errors, and mention of "Oscar Energy Corporation PLC," a company which does not exist.

These emails are part of a phishing scam and have not been sent by a member of the Oscar team.

If you receive these emails please delete immediately. Do not open any attachments, reply with any personal details or send any money for Visas or Sponsorship.

Genuine emails from the Oscar team end with or We will never offer anyone employment without face-to-face interviews or request your financial information.

If you are in doubt about an email you have received, please contact us on, or call +44 161 828 8140 (UK) or +1-713-568-1968 (US) and we will be happy to advise.