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How Much?! The Cost of A Bad Hire to Your Business Revealed

It’s happened to every business – your new employee just isn’t fitting in with the team, or is staring blankly at a piece of software their CV stated they were fluent in.

But more worryingly, according to new research, the cost of each bad hire to a business has been placed at £13,799.

The research, conducted by Sandler Training, discovered that a shortage of skilled applicants within the UK has led some businesses to take a leap of faith during the recruitment process.

More than a quarter of the small businesses surveyed acknowledged that their own poor judgement was to blame. A further 11 per cent admitted to rushing their recruitment, with a quarter of businesses hiring after a one-stage interview process.

A Go.On survey recently found that one million small businesses in the UK do not have the skills to prosper in the UK. A major research report from Oxford Economics and Virgin Media Business stated the economy could receive a £92 billion boost if firms fully develop their digital potential, equivalent to 2.5% of GDP.

In the Energy sector, the UKCES Employer Skills Survey 2013 shows 31% of companies with a vacancy already struggle to recruit workers with the right skills.

Positions within IT, technology and energy are notoriously hard for organisations to fill, with available, skilled employees at a premium.

If your business is hiring for jobs within the IT or Energy sectors, save yourself time and effort - and eliminate the risk of employing a bad worker.

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