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How to Engage with Successful Recruitment Consultants

By Adam Price, Regional Director, APAC

Whether you are not working and looking for the right role, in a job but open to opportunity or even happy in your current position and not looking for a new opportunity right now, it's important to know how to engage with recruitment professionals.

Here are 12 useful tips on how to engage and get the best out of your Consultant:

1. Be mindful of the Recruiter's time

Remember that you are not the only person that the Recruiter is speaking to. As a general rule, a good Recruiter will be dealing and talking to hundreds of candidates on a weekly basis.

2. Show respect

Good Recruiters are not just reactive facilitators who send CVs to clients, but trusted partners and confidants who can block opportunities as well as present them.

3. Be flexible and open

Know what you want and what you don’t want, but be open to discussions about opportunities that are outside of the box. You never know where it might lead.

4. Pick up the phone

As the world becomes more and more dependent on immediate electronic communication, there is nothing more important to a good Recruiter than a telephone and a positive conversation with a good candidate.

5. Ask for advice and welcome criticism

Expert Recruiters deal with candidates and clients all day, every day, so they know what makes a good candidate better than anyone else you will speak to.

6. Prepare a great CV

Hundreds of CVs may be read each day, so you only have a few seconds to catch the Recruiter's eye. Use a black, basic font with personal details including phone numbers first, then a personal summary, followed by reverse chronological employment history with clear company names and dates. Finally, your educational experience and additional information. Keep it clear, concise and basic.

7. Be honest

Never tell a Recruiter a lie or bend the truth. You will get found out eventually.

8. Give and take

Successful Recruitment Consultants rely on information they receive from candidates to generate leads and opportunities for you and for other jobseekers, so be open with information and you will find plenty of reciprocal information coming back to you.

9. Stand out from the crowd

Know your strengths and weaknesses, and identify what makes you special.

10. Be yourself

You need to ensure that your Recruiter is representing the real you to perspective employers. It doesn’t matter if you are a little nervous about the process or introverted by nature, there will be a job out there for you. Not all jobs require a gregarious extrovert so if that is not you then say so.

11. Be realistic

Be prepared to answer difficult questions about the type of role you are looking for, your abilities, and why you want an increase in salary.

12. Ask questions

Test the knowledge and ability of your Recruiter. How long have they been recruiting? Who do they recruit for? Are they discipline specific and if so do they know the market?

Only work with experts, as they will be the ones representing you to the market.

Remember, Recruiters are people too! It may be a difficult job and come with stress but good candidates are the lifeblood of successful Recruitment Consultants. Look after your Recruiter and they will look after you.

Happy Hunting!