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Making Your Job Search Easier - Changes to the Oscar Website

We're delighted to have made some new changes to the Oscar website to improve your job searching experience.

Smart Home Pages

We've added new keyword buttons based on popular searches on our website, making it even faster to view all vacancies for a certain job title or coding language. From there you can filter down by location and permanent / contract positions.

If you search isn't listed, simply use the keyword search took of "view all jobs" and use the filters to find the types of jobs you are interested in.

New Technology Homepage

Improved Job Search Algorithm

We've made changes to our search algorithm to return even more relevant jobs - both on our keyword search tool and our "similar jobs" panel.

Streamlined Application Forms

Repeatedly filling in the same lengthy application forms with the same details over and over again can be tiresome when you're applying for jobs. So we've streamlined our application forms to include only the essential imformation.

Alternatively, you can apply for any jobs on the Oscar site using your LinkedIn or Indeed profiles to save even more time.

Don't forget - you can save and apply for multiple jobs at the same time!

Got any further suggestions to improve our website? Send us an email at