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Meet Our Consultants - Jay Guney

Position: Lead Consultant, Manchester Office

Year joined: 2013

"Why did you choose to join Oscar?"

As a graduate looking for my first role in recruitment, I felt Oscar had a different type of vibe and environment compared to any other recruitment agency that I interviewed at.

It felt busier and more energetic - but still had a high level of professionalism. It looked like a great environment to work in.

"What training have you received?"

As a trainee I received structured and interactive training every day from Senior Consultants, Managing Consultants and Oscar Directors.

The training is great. You learn from experienced and successful recruiters on a variety of topics: recruitment best practice, company processes, sales and developing attributes for making a successful recruiter.

Your training at Oscar never stops - even Senior Consultants still have training sessions as everyone here is hungry to achieve more.

"How has your career developed?"

I joined Oscar in June 2013. I developed from trainee to consultant within five months and after six months as a consultant I was asked to take part in an internship programme as a mentor. After impressing management with an intern I was given the chance to bring on my first trainee.

Within 14 months of being consultant I had progressed into leading a team of five consultants and moved to managing the Oscar IT Infrastructure and Support team. It just goes show the meritocracy runs through Oscar’s veins.

What does it take to be successful at Oscar?

Recruitment is a very lucrative business and there is a great opportunity to make money - but I can’t stress enough how competitive the market is.

As a bare minimum you will need enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, dedication and application. Competitiveness and influencing people are the keys to being a success.

Oscar offers you the opportunity to rise above the competition and become incredibly successful.

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