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Laetan Gaspard

Position: Senior Consultant, Houston Office

"Why did you choose to join Oscar?"

I had a successful and lucrative career in Spa Management, at which I was very happy, but I felt something was missing.

My favorite part of my position was acting as the regional recruiter, helping to bring on the best talent to support my group.

I began spending more and more of my time focusing on this aspect, and one day I realized what I wanted to do - to attract, place, and help mold relationships with some of the best talent out there; and it was at that moment I knew it was time for a change.

I interviewed with Oscar and immediately knew I was where I wanted to be. The interview process was extensive, so I knew that only the best type of talent was joining our organization.

"What training have you received?"

I have been extremely fortunate in the way that I was trained.

We have an extensive training program, but with me being one of the few trainees in our US Operations, I was supported remotely by our Training Manager and with extensive amount of hands-on training from each of the senior level individuals within our organization.

Over time I was able to take the strengths of others, and fine tune them into a process that I felt would make Oscar proud. Complacency is dangerous in Recruitment, so we as a team are always training and developing, taking new ideas and methods on board.

"How has your career developed?"

I have gone from working with senior level members of staff to help fill their requisitions, to pulling in a few of my own to fill, to now being at a point where nearly everything that I am working on comes from a Client that I built a relationship with.

I now am looking at my plan to grow the division so that I can get back to my background in management. After time I have learned that everything comes full circle in recruitment, such is the 360 model.

"What does it take to be successful at Oscar?"

Tenacity and resilience. The management will give you the tools and training to be successful within our firm, but it’s all about what you do with it that matters.

You have to be motivated to go out and make things happen - you can’t wait around for things to happen, that is not the nature of what we do.

You must be tenacious enough to make decisions quickly and frequently, and resilient enough to understand that we are working with people. It’s not simple math; things can change in a heartbeat, and you must react quickly and proactively to these things to yield positive results.

A good recruiter puts their head down for a while when things are tough and hopes that they yield something positive, but a great recruiter keeps their head up and not only faces challenging situations head on, but welcomes them.

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