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My First Two Weeks at Oscar: Josh Burrows

Name: Josh Burrows

Joined: January 2016

Role: Resource Consultant - Support & Infrastructure, North London & the South East

Background: Recruitment / Agriculture

My first few weeks at Oscar have been a complete change to what I was doing days before stepping into the office.

Previously, I had been working as a Research Analyst for a small recruitment firm in London. But I had been working from home so to keep myself funded I helped out part time on a dairy farm. After 2 years taking time out to explore options after school, I moved to Manchester and knew I wanted to become a Recruitment Consultant.

I chose Oscar because of the working environment I saw when interviewing for the role. When I came in to the office in Manchester city centre for my interview there was a huge buzz across the sales floor, and instantly I knew this was the place I needed to work.

Already I am starting to get involved in what a recruiter does day to day, and with Adam’s (our Training Manager) training I feel a lot more confident in what I'm saying when I pick up the phone. The training so far has given me the tools to make sure I provide a service in line with Oscar’s values.

I would say my biggest achievement so far is going up to the results board to write a successful placement. I got a huge round of applause from across the office - the adrenaline rush was great and it’s clear that as a new starter you have the full support and confidence of everyone in your team.

I receive training and support from every level of management. We have regular morning meetings to keep you focussed and pushing to achieve more.

Coming from a small community to a big city office was a hard challenge to face, but I’ve settled into my team straight away. If you don’t have time to get to know your team during working hours, you will do when you head out to explore Manchester’s bars on Friday afternoons!

The one thing I'd tell people that want to work in recruitment is not to worry about whether you have “talent”. All you need is a hard working attitude, strong determination and the gift of the gab.