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Tailoring the Recruitment Process to You

Written by Matthew Southworth, Director

A central pillar to Oscar Tech’s success is that we build our foundations on providing recruitment solutions which are tailored to the needs of every client.

This USP means that, as an Oscar customer, we prioritise your requirements (over and above all else) and focus on delivering appropriate solutions.

At Oscar, we recognise that the customer comes first and this has ensured clients return to us again and again for their technical staffing needs – 75% of our business is repeat business!

This commitment to solving customer problems is practiced at Oscar on a daily basis and was highlighted very recently by one of our Lead Consultants, Jay Guney. Jay turned around a client recruitment project for a well-known Software House who were looking for a 3rd Line Support IT Support professional.

This was delivered in less than two weeks via seven simple steps:

  1. Oscar partnered with our client taking time, care and attention to understand our customer’s business and their recruiting criteria.

  2. Using our market expertise, we recognised that the client’s requirements were complex and out of synch with the market which was clearly (and delicately) explained to the customer.

    Specifically, we were fully aware this was an unrealistic search and rather than having the client spend their own valuable time on a recruitment project that would not produce their required results Oscar was proactive in suggesting a more productive way.

  3. Oscar worked with the client on “reworking” the job spec to suit both client expectations and market availability. To support this change and help the client reset their own mind, Oscar provided CVs / candidate solutions and alongside the client Oscar rewrote the job spec in line with the new requirements based on the client’s priorities.

  4. Using Oscar’s extensive candidate database, job boards, networking, resourcing and other recruiting tools, Oscar provided the client with a shortlist of candidates which met the role’s specifications.

  5. Jay scheduled a conference call and talked the client through all candidate introductions so they understood the reasons why we believed they were suited to the vacancy and would fit well with the business, based on the initial job spec and our knowledge of the market.

    This included setting up a series of interviews and, particularly, scheduling an interview for a candidate that the client was not initially going to interview as they had not realised that the candidates experience was so relevant to their own role expectations.

  6. Oscar’s client hired a fantastic candidate (this introduction happened to be a candidate the client was not going to interview originally!)

  7. The client has provided rave reviews of our services and is very eager to work with Oscar again to fill any future job roles.