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The $1 Trillion Dollar Apple

Apple is now worth $1 Trillion Dollars. What is Next and Who can topple them?

Apple has become the world’s first publically-listed company to be worth $1 Trillion. Apple beat tech rivals such as Microsoft and Amazon to reach this milestone. Apple’s share price has risen by 50,000 % since the company was first listed in 1980. 

What truly transformed Apple and the creation of the app economy which we live in is the release of the iPhone.  It may have been the vision of Steve Jobs that hurtled Apple towards this milestone, but it was the business acumen of Tim Cook that tipped them over. Apple is selling fewer iPhones than ever before. By releasing more expensive versions each year, last year being the iPhone X, It is making more money per device. Along with this, they have diversified their sources of profits. It now garners additional large profit margins from services such as selling apps, cloud storage, and music streaming.

Apple doesn’t invent the new, ground-breaking technology, they simply perfect it. For example, they didn’t invent the portable mp3 player; they didn’t invent the smartphone or even voice assistants and wearable tech. They gave these technological advancements an Iconic style, High performance, reliability, and marketability. 

We are currently in the twilight of the smartphone-centric era of dominance, a similar period in which apple themselves emerged onto the global stage at the end on the desktop-centric world with the launch of the original iPhone. The next computing boom has the potential to create a new company king of the world. The focus now in tech is on cars, glasses, services, cloud, and TV. The challenge at hand is what tech firms should hedge their bets upon.

There is a small and growing threat from Chinese smartphone makers towards Apple's dominance. Shortly after their $1 Trillion valuation, they were demoted to number three in the global smartphone market. Chinese company Huawei passed Apple into second place, due to huge sales in their domestic marketplace.  Huawei’s sheer financial firepower along with some high-quality products that have propelled it to number two in the global smartphone market.

Huawei’s emergence in the marketplace is potentially a short-term issue although it is unknowing who will be the dominant tech company in the coming year with everyone developing and enhancing the next potential technological advancement to bring us into a new technological era.