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The Recruiter's Guide to What Makes a Great Tech Candidate

It's the start of a new year, and we're already seeing an influx of IT & Technology experts looking for an exciting new role.

But with competition high, how do you make your application rise to the top of the pile in order to land that dream job?

To find out, we asked several of Oscar's Recruitment Consultants in the UK and the US what makes a great candidate within their verticals. Our teams view literally thousands of CVs and LinkedIn profiles each day and know what it takes to stand out from the crowd in the job market.

Mario Michaels

Mario Michaels - DevOps, Security & Support

For me a good candidate demonstrates the ability to carry out not only the BAU tasks but also get involved with developing strategies, projects and troubleshooting.

Alongside this, softer skills are just as important, so a reliable, trustworthy, and meticulous individual with excellent communication skills and an ability to build relationships both internally and externally is imperative.

Jay Guney - Front End Development, UX & UI

My ideal candidate for Front End Development roles is able to give an in depth, logical and structured involvement to their past / present projects – not just from a technical perspective, but from their specific role within the team.

They are also able to supply demonstrable work examples whilst able to explain and define the technical / technological input behind the app / website / software.

Colin Frontczak - Senior Appointments & Project Management

In my experience recruiting for Senior Appointments across the UK, being approachable is essential. Often these roles involve managing people, but also involve a lot of business-facing work.

Clear and concise communication skills are also much-desired by many employers in order to keep their team engaged and invested in the candidate's messages.

Simon Dodd - Open Source Development

I recruit for Open Source Developers based within the Texas area. A great candidate in my vertical would of course be able to cope with the technical requirements of the role, but beyond that I look for enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and a passion for their chosen field.

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