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    Marketing as a Recruitment Service

    What is MaaRS?

    Our team of marketing experts can provide you with a range of solutions to help you elevate your organisations employer brand, and therefore attract the best talent in the marketplace.
    Employer Branding
    Co-Branded Jobsite
    Co-Branded Meet-up Events
    Content Strategy

    The Five Biggest Challenges in Recruitment

    1. Competition from other companies

    2. Attracting and Retaining Gen-Z

    3. Finding Candidates with the right hard skills

    4. Finding Candidates with the right soft skill

    5. Inability to offer competitive salaries

    Employee Branding

    Employer Value Proposition

    As the workforce changes from generation to generation so the the top Employer Value Propositions among prospective employees.
    Over the next two years, Gen-Z will account for more than 25% of the workforce, engaging them now and strengthening your EVP to target this audience is essential.

    Employer Branding Audit

    Reviewing the Candidate Experience

    • Authenticity - What are your current employees saying? Does it match outbound messaging?
    • Efficiency - How easy is it to navigate your hiring process?
    • Understanding - Do your Hiring Managers understand the needs of different generations?
    • Diversity - Are you actively promoting inter-generational relationships within your workforce?

    Reviewing the Employee Experience

    • Messaging - Are communications aligned to the brand? Social Media, Website Content, Job Adverts etc.
    • Satisfaction - Are employees satisfied with the workplace experience, culture, values etc.
    • Retention - What is your retention rate? Are employees leaving to join competitors? Or are competitors coming to you?
    • Reputation - What are people saying about the company? Both internally and externally. Is feedback being actioned or ignored?

    The SocialCode

    Through our co-branded meet-up events we can bring the best talent directly to you.
    As the headline sponsor of our events, we work together to determine both the panel of speaker and talking points, using these to attract the best talent for your needs.

    A Home Away from Home

    Our Talent Solutions